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Our Commitments

Kaptan Preschool is commited to provide a safe and stimulating environment for every child attending

Kaptan Preschool provides a variety of enriching opportunities everyday, so children reach their full potential socially, emotionally, physically and cognitively within the school.

Classrooms are set to inspire our children, seizing each child’s interests, develop ideas and independence to encourage a growing awareness of self individuality.

We monitor our children continuously to better evaluate their readiness for new challenges which will last for the entire education process and life.

We believe that the strength of the program that we apply and our unique service is in the dedication and devotion of the teaching staff. Yet, they are the ones who create a caring atmosphere to foster imagination and creativity.

We care and encourage daily communication between parents, teachers, and school administrators. We know that parents are the most significant individuals in a child’s life and their children are the most valuable assets in parents lifes. Therefore, our doors are always open to our parents at all times.

Kaptan Preschool, is an organisation that values people. The children in our care, their parents and our staff are important to us. We continuously work very hard to maintain the trust in us, and to be the best in early childhood education.

We believe that the way to contribute valuable individuals to our community is possible only with an adequate education provided in the early years of a child